Episode 36 – Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Neural Networks


In this interview, Hans Skovgaard, the Vice President of Research & Development with Milestone Systems discusses Artificial Intelligence, it’s changing popularity over the past 30 years, and its resurgence in relation to deep learning, due to the power of today’s computational neural networks.

Hans Skovgaard, VP R&D, Milestone Systems

Hans also demystifies the term Artificial Intelligence, and the role of machine learning within the AI umbrella, and how this advancement will allow for pervasive use across almost every industry.

Chris and Hans also highlight the growth of AI enabled cameras across the world’s cities, and how IoT enabled sensors, coupled with AI, will make our cities smarter and safer.

Recorded in Hanoi, Vietnam at the Milestone Systems APAC Integration Partners Seminar (MIPS) 2018 #MIPS2018 #MilestoneCommunityDays

MySecurity Media attended this event courtesy of Milestone Systems


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