Episode 281 – Canberra’s Hackerspace – Analysis of INFOSECT – Researching with a Passion


At the start of 2021 Kylie McDevitt left her role as Technical Director in the Australian Government and with her husband Silvio Cesare, formerly Director of Education at the University of NSW Cyber Security Centre, have transformed a warehouse in Canberra and started a hackerspace called InfoSect.

Inspired by groups like the L0pht in the USA, they have left their career roles and set out full time on their own to build a place to hangout with other hackers and do cool research. This is their story…so far!

LINKS Kylie’s Blog Post http://www.networkhacked.com/2021/07/stepping-off-cliff-edge.html

WEBINAR: GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE SECTOR – Working Together for Cybersecurity Protection of Critical Infrastructure https://learnsecurity.mysecuritymarketplace.com/course/ciprotection

BSides Perth 18-19 September – https://bsidesperth.com.au/

MySec.TV Interview https://mysecuritymarketplace.com/av-media/canberras-hackerspace-analysis-of-infosect/

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