Episode 250 – Darknet takedowns disrupt Drugs Markets – MySecTV Takeaway


We look at Dark web takedowns by cross-border law enforcement operations which can have a significant impact on the availability of opioids, in particular the lethal drug fentanyl, according to a new report from The Australian National University (ANU).

The report, commissioned by the Australian Institute of Criminology’s (AIC) Serious and Organised Crime Research Laboratory, analysed the impact of law enforcement seizures and darknet market closures, including the availability of highly potent synthetic opioids fentanyl and carfentanil.

We speak with Professor Rod Broadhurst of the Department of Regulation and Global Governance, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University.

Access the release and report here https://australiancybersecuritymagazine.com.au/darknet-takedowns-disrupt-drugs-markets/

Access to Jane Lo’s Chainalysis Podcast – The Big Biz of Crypto-Crime – https://mysecuritymarketplace.com/av-media/episode-249-the-big-biz-of-cryptocrime-pandemic-year-of-2020/

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