Episode 248 – Quantum technology and implications for security in today’s computer infrastructure


Jane Lo, Singapore Correspondent speaks with Tommaso Gagliardoni, PhD, an Italian cryptographer, mathematician, and quantum security researcher. Tommaso obtained a degree in Mathematics at the University of Perugia, Italy, and a PhD at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, with a dissertation on the quantum security of cryptographic primitives.

He worked at IBM Research Zurich with famed cryptographer Dr. Jan Camenisch. He then joined Kudelski Security, an innovative, independent provider of tailored cybersecurity solutions to help enterprises and public sector institutions assess risks and vulnerabilities and protect their data and systems. Founded in 2012, Kudelski Security is part of the Kudelski Group, a world leader in digital business enablement technologies. Headquartered in Switzerland and in the USA, with offices in 32 countries around the world, the Group employs around 3,500 people.

Tommaso published many influential peer-reviewed academic papers in the areas of cryptography, quantum computing, security and privacy, and spoke at many international conferences in these fields.

He is known, among other achievements, for his collaborations in solving the longstanding problem of adaptive quantum authentication (EUROCRYPT 2018, TQC 2019) and breaking the security of ISO-standard smart card protocol PLAID (Real World Crypto 2015, SSR 2015).

In this podcast, Tommaso introduces the concept and properties of qubits in quantum technology and what it means for computational advantage.  He explains the implications for the cryptographic protocols underpinning security in today’s computer infrastructure and applications including Bitcoin, and the search for next-gen mathematical problems and cryptographic schemes (“quantum-resistant schemes”) to secure tomorrow’s infrastructure.

The discussion also explores the promises of quantum technology such as quantum money and debunks some of the popular myths such as the potential of teleportation and violation of Einstein’s relativity.

Recorded: 17th February 2021, Singapore 5pm/ Switzerland 10am