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Shamane Tan shares her story in this exclusive reveal.

Given that this is a special women’s edition, what better way than to share an exciting piece of news here.

Last year, I started a weekly #coffeewiththeCSuite edition on LinkedIn. I enjoy my coffee chats as my learnings were accelerated through times like this. As the CxOs share their stories, I learnt about leadership. Influence. Execution. From the best of our leaders. I realised that more people need to hear their stories.

To be able to have these confidential chats with the C-suite leaders on their challenges, to have them show me their strategies and get involved, I realised I was sitting on a gold-mine. There was all this wealth of insights and it struck me one day, “why not, put all of this together? It will benefit so many people!”. I learn best by stories, and these CxOs had many to tell.

I was stirred. A childhood dream that had been stuck deep within me burst into flames. I then embarked on the arduous task of compiling all the coffee chats I’ve had over the years with the different Cyber Risk Leaders. I selected 30 C-suite executives from all over the world. One lesson imparted by a CxO from their entire twenty years of experience, multiplied by 30. That’s more than five hundred years of solid experience! All the top tips collected into a single book. I was enriched…Click here to read full article.